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Grand Rental Station

Grand Rental Station of Ludington, MI

How to Videos

20 x 20 Classic Pole Tent - Installation Procedure

Celina Tent Inc. Installation and strike procedure on 20' x 20' Classic Pole Tent.

How to Mix Concrete : How to Mix Concrete With a Power Mixer

Mix concrete with a power mixer by pouring the concrete into the mixer, adding a little water, turning the mixer on and then continuously adding water until the right consistency is reached. Mixed concrete should be pliable, but keep its shape. Learn more about mixing concrete with tips from a landscape design artist in this free video on concrete.

E-Z Trench Bedscaper Bed Edgers

The Bedscaper bed edger is the most maneuverable bedder/trencher machines on the market. Caster steering makes cutting graceful curves easy and allows a turning radius of less than two feet The patented blade design will cut harder soils, pulverize the cuttings, and bevel the bed edge to the foliage while cutting a clean well-defined vertical border. Its unique design also augers soil towards the center of the bed out of the trench. You can create a beautiful raised bed in minutes. The Bedscapers make creating or redefining beds fast and easy.

Magnum LTS Airless Sprayer - How To Spray

Airless paint sprayer operational user guide with instruction on how to spray.

EDCO Walk Behind Concrete Saw

Ideal for short slab cutting, contraction joints, patch repairs in asphalt, traffic loop installation and trenching.

* Free shipping
* Choose from 9 hp, 11 hp or 13 hp Honda motor option.
* Down-cut blade rotation.
* New 8" Wheels provide smoother cutting action with less vibration
* New lifting bail and compact size makes for easy loading and unloading
* More stable frame with wider wheel base
* Rear wheel shaft mounted end to end for greater frame rigidity
* 3 belt drive delivers more power to blade shaft
* More weight located over blade for faster cutting
* Heavy duty steel core wheels for years of service
* Heavy duty frame and undercarriage are 7-gauge steel to eliminate frame vibration and bending
* Precision machined 1" arbor.
* Water capacity : valve-controlled
* Saw dimension : 38 X 48 X 23 in.

Magnum Knee Kicker flooring installation Tool

This knee kicker features a shock absorbtion pad.

How To Use A Traditional (Pre 2013) Concrete Floor Grinder from EDCO, Training Video

This training video shows how to operate EDCO Concrete Floor Grinders, including the Single and Dual Disc models. It shows all accessories and provides maintenance advice. Visit or call 800-638-3326 for more information.

Essex-Silverline, Deck Restoration - Sanding Your Deck

Essex-Silverline Introduces their new sanders that will restore your deck's beauty.

Graco Magnum LTS Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum LTS Paint Sprayers are ideal for taking on numerous larger painting projects, requiring 5-20 gallons. They are easy to set up, use and clean. They give you a professional finish faster and easier. You can paint up to 10x faster than brushing or rolling.

Graco Magnum LTS Sprayers are extremely versatile and easy to use. They are capable of spraying a wide range of materials on a number of painting projects, with no thinning required. The optional roller kit turns your sprayer into a pressure roller. This is over 2x faster than traditional roller.

To get started, put the smaller drain tube in the waste pail and submerge the suction tube in the paint. Turn the unit on. When paint comes out of the drain tube, trigger the gun into the waste pail. When paint comes out of the gun, release the trigger. Engage the safety, tighten the tip and guard back on the gun, and you are ready to go.

There are three Graco Magnum models to choose

Tom Mulligan Operating a Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder

Tom Mulligan of uses the Vermeer SC252 stump grinder to re-grind a stump that was cut previously, before the homeowner decided to lower the grade of their yard. This was a 9 foot stump that is now cut well below the driveway level and is ready for sod to be laid.

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