Grand Rental Station

Grand Rental Station of Ludington, MI

Product Info

Floor Stripper

  • Manufacturer: Palmer Snyder
  • Model Number: 460

Number one in floor stripping machines for more than 25 years. A single razor-sharp blade that oscillates 2000 strokes per minute quickly and safely removes virtually any kind of floor covering or accumulation from concrete or wood floors and leaves surface smooth and ready for refinishing. (Removes asphalt tile, linoleum, rubber tile, cork, epoxy glue, vinyl asbestos tile, grease, indoor/outdoor felt, chewing gum, plaster leavings, ice, rubber backed carpet, tennis court surfaces, etc.)

Rental Rates
  • Half Day
    $45.00 minimum
  • Day
  • Week

    *7 DAY'S

  • Month

This stripper is easy to operate and can be mastered by a beginner in just minutes. Simply plug it in and turn it on. No strenuous effort is required. "The Stripper does the work." Just raise the wheels slightly off the floor and it will move along by itself. No hard pushing. The action created by the machine goes to the blade on the floor, not to you.