Grand Rental Station

Grand Rental Station of Ludington, MI

Product Info

SharpShooter I Hopper Gun w/45 Degree Angle Adapter

  • Manufacturer: Marshalltown Trowel
  • Model Number: 693

The SharpShooter I Hopper Gun is designed with a plastic hopper and specially formulated nylon gun. The gun features seven orifice sizes (for greater texture variety) with tubular design to avoid overspray. The angled hopper adapter allows the hopper to remain level while spraying floors and ceilings

Rental Rates
  • Hour
    $34.00 minimum
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month

• 7 orifice sizes
• Tight sealing flow shutoff prevents leakage
• Adjustable trigger stop for consistency of pattern
• Hopper capacity is approximately 2 gallons