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Make Snow Removal Easy With Our Rentals

Make Snow Removal Easy With Our Rentals

Snow removal is a great example of what classic hard work looks like. If you live anywhere in the Northeast, shoveling or removing snow is almost guaranteed to happen. Most people are able to get by every winter with a few shovels and some help from their kids or someone else’s who might be looking to earn a buck or two. However, there are times when it makes more sense to use a tool like a snow blower or plow to remove a couple feet of snow. Many people don’t want to own anything that’s as expensive as a snow plow especially if it might only get used a couple times a year.  To make things easier, rent the tools you need to make snow removal more manageable. The extra horsepower will help save your wallet and your back from the strain of manually removing snow from your roof, driveway, or walking path.

When renting a snow blower there are many options to choose from. Like buying, renting a snow blower is not a no-brainer. One of the biggest reasons why many homeowners rent snow blowers is because of the storage and maintenance that’s required. Like all heavy machinery, they must be properly stored and kept in good condition to remain healthy and functional. The same goes for snow plows as well. Could you picture what an eye sore it would be for the neighbors to see a snow plow sticking out from your backyard? Save the space and talk to our rental specialists about what’s available and will work best for your needs. In general, there are three main types of snow blowers: single-stage gas, single stage electric, and two-stage gas. Single-stage gas is ideal if you have a flat, midsized driveway. These are smaller machines that work well on pavement as the auger can throw stones if there is gravel and are about as big as your standard lawnmower. Single-stage gas is great if you have a smaller home and not a lot of hills. For a more sustainable option, the single-stage electric model is great, but more suited for smaller driveways and passageways. On the plus side, they are less noisy and require less maintenance. Single-stage gas blowers can clear up to a 22-inch swath whereas its electric counterpart can only clear up to 18 inches.  If you have a larger home with a wide and hilly driveway, consider renting a two-stage gas option. The auger on these models won’t hit the ground and clear swath up to 32 inches wide. All two-stage models come with driving wheels and an electric starter to make it easy to use. These machines are much larger, but if you rent a model with trigger drive releases, you can maneuver and change direction quickly.

There are plenty of snow removal options to choose from and one place to get them all.  Removing snow doesn’t have to break your back or your wallet. Visit our store today and rent a snow blower with the features you need.